Okay, yes — maybe that is true, but each time we are together the guy raises various circumstances

Okay, yes — maybe that is true, but each time we are together the guy raises various circumstances

Dear Amy: i am a lady, presently matchmaking men more youthful than me.

He pursued me relentlessly before I approved go out with your.

On all of our first go out, I leaned into hug him in which he had gotten a terrified look on their face and blurted on, “I’m homosexual!”

We immediately kept and stopped him for several days.

He persuaded me personally he is only attempting to shock me, and is simply fooling in.

and requires me things such as, “what can you do should you caught me kissing this person or that guy?”

I inquired your others night why we never head to their location and his awesome address got, “I don’t know, maybe i am homosexual.”

I’m rather open-minded, but this really is getting older.

I believe he may feel closeted plus in denial.

Unsure: My personal thoughts: If you attempt to hug anybody in which he recoils in horror, saying, “I’m homosexual,” next he’s almost certainly homosexual.

If he regularly introduces scenarios in which he speculates about your a reaction to your kissing he or that, subsequently he’s at the very least gay-adjacent or bi-curious.

In the event that you query your why you don’t visit their location, or exactly why he didn’t finishing his entree, or the reason why he enjoys colour green in which he says, “We don’t learn, maybe I’m homosexual,” subsequently — yep.

My personal point is the fact that in accordance with you, almost every concern you may well ask your — no matter what the subject — seems to sway around to him getting — or perhaps not becoming — homosexual.

You can find probably lots of big explanations this man desires to date you. But he additionally sounds wanting to come across approaches to discuss his own sex.

You could inquire him if he’s at an intimate crossroads. Would he love to mention it in a genuine, noninvasive method?Ver mas